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Customizable EMS Star of Life Rod of Asclepius Vinyl Sticker - Large


Customizable EMS Star of Life Rod of Asclepius Vinyl Sticker - Large

$ 25.00 $ 38.00

Leave text blank if you only want the Star Of Life Decal.

Color Template:

  • Color 1: Text
  • Color 2: Star of Life 

This customizable large EMS sticker is ideal for vehicles, windows, doors, walls, etc. You can customize the vinyl decal with top and bottom texts of your choosing. The Star of life on the vinyl sticker has a height of 12.5 inches. It's available in many eye-catching colors with both reflective and non-reflective options to choose from according to your requirements. The weatherproof sticker is ideal for fire trucks, emergency vehicles, chief cars, ambulances or any emergency services vehicle as well as other places such as windows, walls, etc., since it's compatible with many different surfaces such as wood, glass, plastic and many more.

The EMS Star of Life Sticker offers two sections of customization: Top Text and Bottom Text. Perfect for Fire Trucks, Response Vehicles, Chief Cars / Trucks, Fly Cars, Ambulances, Vans, and more! 

The star measures 12.5" in height.

Choose from a variety of colors like: White, Reflective White, Grey, Black, Reflective Black, Red, Red Reflective, Orange, Yellow, Green, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Purple, Pink 

 If you don't choose a color, white will be shipped.

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